Smart protection against hijackings

Pulsit Electronics ARE industry leaders in real-time asset tracking, jamming mitigation and fleet management solutions

Pulsit Electronics, has developed a system to weaken the scourge of truck hijackings and depot robberies in South Africa. It works by countering the signal jamming devices syndicates use to block vehicle tracking systems and on-site security systems.

They use a range of jamming devices — some of them quite sophisticated, others less so — to block tracking systems from communicating via the cellular networks or via satellite. All GSM, RF, VHF, GPS, Satellite, Radios and cellular phones are being affected by jammers irrespective of their frequency ranges and/or the use of variable frequency technology.
Various types and more advanced jammers are being used by syndicates in hijackings of high value goods in transit and depot robberies.

The more organised syndicates are using multiple jammers to ensure that they cover all on-board tracking and transmitting devices irrespective of the technology of these units. Once jammed, they typically either hijack the vehicle or work with the driver and move it to another location where they offload the cargo. Several major transport and logistics companies in South Africa and abroad, transporting high value cargo items such as household appliances, clothing, computers, electronic equipment, accessories, cold chain, palletised food, bulk fuel and other high in demand commodities, have lately become the target of these syndicates.

This Modus Operandi is costing the logistics and insurance industry billions and the use of the Pulsit pro-active jamming mitigation solution has greatly benefited the industry in the prevention of losses since 2014. Pulsit has installed their jamming mitigation system in several thousands of vehicles inSouth Africa and saved the industry millions inl osses and brand devaluation.

Don’t become a victim, call us today for full protection

We offer covert solutions as well as full comprehensive fleet management systems for local and cross border fleet operators Full rental packages are available with a SLA, NO Contracts


We provide and maintain exceptional levels of service to these clients through geographical presence in several SADC countries with a service footprint in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe


VESA / ABS Accredited products and services
Software specialists offer on-site or online client support
Meets insurance requirements
24/7 RISK CALL CENTRE for emergency event AND VEHICLE RECOVERY assistance
Pro-active unit management - no self test required
User friendly web-based AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS


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